Possible stages for my SSB inspired map? (POLL TODAY AND TOMORROW)

I’m making a Super Smash Bros inspired game, and I’m wondering about what kind of map I should do next. I want to see what kind of maps you guys can come up with, and on March 22 I’ll make a poll.

  1. Original Ideas
  2. It needs at least 2 small islands.
  3. This game is a platformer, keep it in the confines of that.
  4. NO LATE APPLICATIONS. I’m sorry if you have a really good map, once the poll is up, I’m not taking any more applications.
  5. Don’t make it IMPOSSIBLE to jump for platform to platform.

Here is a reference for stages:

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use cat walk on oneside, and grass on the other. It can be SSB NATURE VS TECHONOLOGY. Then plant setries and reg sentries on either side

oooh smash bros i love a refrence to a video game map like splatoon 3’s towers

using walls to walk up and down and stone blocks for the platforms

I’ve never played smash bros… So I can’t help…

just say random places in the world (Not to big and tall)




well if you have played any nitendo game and see maps it might be a stage

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an idea would be the battle arena from fire emblem awakening and splatoon 3 towers map you can get to the towers after getting throught the arena. the special thing about both is that the towers can change time of day (so a color changer) and the arena spawns destoryable structers that dissaper after awhile

EEEEGGGGGGSSSSS are what you need

I’ve played smash, Also if you are to make a map like this add a platform that is long for main fighting and tiny ones on the side, also you can add props as a background only just press no Collison for the player.

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Which idea is best?
  • Nature vs Technology (Epi320)
  • Splatoon 3 reference (Lostsea3)
  • E G G (MrEgg)
  • Main Island with tiny islands, prop background (Random_dude123
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Changing nature vs technology a bit, humans vs technology


No I’m voting for nature and technology but changing it to humans vs technology in my mind…because its the closest thing confusing I know. I talk weird.
@th3_ca1tsune I was wondering if you wanted to j0in MOEG since you’re in the padlet

oh ok, that’s cool. maybe i’ll take that into consideration (assuming it wins)

Please don’t mention @here

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Why don’t you just take map ideas from SSB? Personally my favorite is Green Hill Zone (idk why I’m not even a Sonic guy), so I guess you should do Green Hill Zone, but make the bottom area actually fall away like in the actual game, to make it more unique.

edit: Am I too late??? NOOOOOOOOOO :sob: :sob: :sob:

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wow im suprised you took me seirously people take me as joking (im not i really love the game imedatlly closes door to splatoon summoning room) nothing to see there