Popups + Channels

Hi guys, I need some help with my map. The popups like the primary and the secondary popups are a little bit more confusing then it was. Can anyone help me?

Help with what? What part of it is confusing you?

Cal to actions are buttons on the popup’s, like in fishtopia.

Like, the call to action?

I know, so the thing is that the call to actions are confusing. I want the player to press on several buttons like they’re reading a book, but it is more confusing.

I think that there is only two call to actions…right??


Yes, that is true.

You can do more than one popup then

The options for the call to action is “Read Book Later” or "Read Next Page. And then the next popup should popup with the things. The next popup will have the call to actions Go back or Read Next Page. I am using channels and it is not going very well.

Can you show me your channel settings?

Well, it’s just I put Close for the channels when you press on “Read Book Later” and for the Next Page I put the channel Next Page which shows the next popup.

So, it would look like, this:
Screenshot 2024-02-26 12.48.11 PM
Right?? :person_shrugging:


So that is what it would look like? ( I don’t use channels. )

Yes, instead of wiring, I would make the next popup which is the next page and then I would go to channels and say open popup when recieving on Next Page which will popup the popup.

Ohh… ok let me comprehend what that looks like.

why is there a read book later instead of a back one page?

It’s only for the first page, and then the second page is go back another page.

Screenshot 2024-02-26 12.52.28 PM

So… edit these?