Popup Softlock Bug

If you make the popup softlock, or not be closable by players, the host’s end game button disappears and the host can’t stop the game. Pretty annoying when you’re testing and you can’t stop the game.


Is it still occurring? Does it happen in all your maps? What’s the memory percentage?

Its not a glitch, but a logic error.

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Oh, I get it now. So, you’re just telling this to the community?

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Yes, but I want the devs to fix this as well.

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Wow, this sounds annoying.

lol, fr

Maybe restart your computer?

It’s not a bug, but a logic error.


Oh sorry

No problem, I made that mistake, too.

Now I finally run into this problem. agh

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i got stuck in spectator mode as host when i was making cams for a amongus map

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i am begging you to get rid of that e in makeing

You should move that into a different post.


That happened to me one time, I got kinda annoyed.