Popup not opening

So I’m trying to make a popup block open when triggered by a relay but the popup block isn’t opening and the relay works

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Popup block? You mean just popup? Does it open on the channel?

It’s a wire pulse block that opens on wire pulse

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what Is the relay listening for?

wait so the pop-up is activated after the primary call to action is clicked?

Oh… Um… So the relay gets activated? Okay…

If you want I can give you pictures

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cant you just wire the pop-up to the other pop-up and make it
Primary call to action clicked--->open popup?

yes please.

I need the relay to make it show for all players

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Yes I want to announce for all players
Also I have to reply after school ends in 2 hours

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so you want it to announce it to all players?

wire a button to a pop-up, button pressed=open pop-up. next wire the popup to a notification,
primary call to action clicked=run wire pulse block.

(this is what you should have right now)
Screenshot 2024-03-21 2.36.10 PM

now its time to use block coding. go to create a new block, and click “On wire pulse” go to
“for this device” and click the only option.

now you need to go to essentials, and click on “triggering players name,” and connect it to “title”

last but not least, go to text, and select the first option at the top. drag it to the last puzzle piece spot, and type in whatever the text was for the call to action that you want to be broadcasted throughout the map.

And that’s it!! hope I helped, and have a good day!

bro actually just made a whole guide on the spot.


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