Pop-up (help) Can I show the popup in-game?

I want to make pop-up visible in game, is this possible?

Make something open the popup.
Like a button, trigger, lifecycle etc…
Mark a solution if you have found one!


What do you mean by this?

But I don’t fully understand how to…

Press the option that says “open popup”


but that will show the text written in the popup

Yes because it is a popup…


I meant can players see the popup when the game starts?

I need something like that

Use a lifecycle (game start) wired to a popup (open popup)

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lifecycle (game start) —> show popup

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event occurs —> open popup.

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I tried it, and as soon as this game started, what was written there appeared on my screen.

yes, that’s what you wanted, right?

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That is what it is supposed to do

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no thats not what i wanted

I want the popup itself to appear when the game starts

you mean the device? that particular device can not show in game, no matter what.

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Yes device. that’s what I was talking about.

yeah, sorry, but that device can’t show in game.