Polls for my capture the flag game

I am making a capture the flag game but am deciding on a lot of features. The game uses every prop there is and is (of course) a capture the flag game. First I need to decide what the name should be. I will list the ups and downs of them.

Option 1: Everyprop Adventures - Capture the Flag

This gets the point through well and “every prop adventures” has a nice ring to it. But I wouldn’t really describe capture the flag as an adventure. It also makes it seem there will be more Everyprop adventures, and there won’t be. (I’ll be out of map slots. :frowning: )

Option 2: Ultimate Capture the Flag

This Well it’s capture the flag and “ultimate” attracts players, but it also is kinda bland and excludes the every prop part.

Option 3: Everyprop Activities - Capture the Flag

The word “activities” just seems a little boring to me, and it has the same seems - like - there’d - be - another problem.

Option 4: Capture the Flag - Every Prop

This is very straightforward, but gets the point across well.

Option 5: Something else

Specify in the comments

  • Everyprop Adventures - Capture the Flag
  • Capture the Flag - Every Prop
  • Ultimate Capture the Flag
  • Everyprop Activities - Capture the Flag
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Next I need to decide what the teams should be.

Echo Vs Vortex

Classic Gimkit teams

Red Vs Blue

Easy to do, Gimkit Ceative classic colors

Purple Vs White

Official Gimkit colors, unique

  • Echo Vs Vortex
  • Red Vs Blue
  • Purple Vs White
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I think the name for the capture the flag game should be Flag Conquerors! Can you add this into your poll, @Grahamathan15?


hmm thats good

Thanks! Also, I think the teams should be Echo vs. Vortex, for an original game.


Comet vs. Nova!(for a space theme)

thats a cool idea! but the game is every prop, not space themed

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I think that it should be…
Everyprop Adventures: Ultimate Capture The Flag
What do you think?


yeah thats a good combination, I like it!

I agree. Combining both names is a great idea!

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oh! sure, ill add it

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Thank you for listening!

wait how do I edit a poll

I got to go i’ll try to edit tomorrow

you can’t edit a poll if its older than 5 minutes

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Maybe you can start a new poll?

sooo, I was thinking “Everyprop infinity-capture the flag” because the “infinity” part kinda states that you can play it forever and still have fun, and it also just sounds well together. :slight_smile:

(or just as long as there’s some sorta thing that’s says “infinity” in the name)

I think it should be called something like “EveryProp Ensemble: Flag Domination

hmm everything people have suggested are good

Can I please make a poll for you?

um, sure but I’m going offline for a while

Thanks for letting me do it!