Pokemon typing using gims

hey guys this is prob a stup1d thing to ask (im not making a game but if you want to go ahead) i’ve been playing a marked up version to pokemon battles in google docs and i find it hard to give the right typings to gims.

its easy to make up moves (bc its based on there typing) and damage is done through dice rolls (trails and stickers for healing and damage/sheild, only sheild dosen’t have to be rolled for) effects rolled on a 4 dices, and you need to roll a 20 dice during your attack to remove that effect

while we have all these rules, i want a way to make all the gims have a pokemon typing thats right, so here are some typings we’ve done

and heres how to type them

so if you have any skins you can give typings to. please do comment there name and picture of them (much aprciated) we do it based off looks and description

(im not here for awhile so please do not start a flame war, if you see one happening, flag and move on, or just leave, its hard but its better that i don’t come back to a topic that was deleted bc of it)

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don’t really see what this has to do with GKC…
but here: day one (rock); flurry (ice);
(did I understand correctly???)


it does, because it can be played in GKC,
flurry is definetly and ice, my freind also puts in normal type with it, idk if that works
day one, rock type? idk there really isnt any other typing it fits. bc its definetly not normal

(you did understand correctly, i just don’t have time to go through every single one and give it a type, so thats why im asking you guys, bc it can speed it up, and makes more room for there to not be a mistake)

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Good idea!