Pm attempt ID: 41343

did u find it? I’m just trying to make this message longerso I can send it

Yeah I found it. Why did you make a guide on it???

Delete this and talk on your guide, I’ll be there

@DANIOOLA pms don’t work here please mark a solution

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ok but why do we need the id in the title?

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character limit

and I’ve been on that padlet before and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me who greifed it. it was greifed by my account tho, and I apologize for that :pensive: can you forgive me? i don’t know who managed to get on my account (prob my brother) and I apologize for it…

character limit and it can’t share the name with anything else

ok, but i’m a bit busy so i’ll change it by the end of this week

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