Pls make me a go goated thumbnail

Hi guys I was wondering if someone could make me a cool go goated thumbnail please I really need one thank you for reading this email

I can, but what is the game about and what gims do u want?

go goated an can I have knight ozi and riff and king gimrick thx

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I can’t finish it today, I will be done with it tomorrow tho… sry

it’s ok thx I really appreciate you

btw could u also add the new chompz thanks

I’ll help make it! However, can you please elaborate on what you want? You can’t just say the gims you want

sorry I want a go goated map with 4 different teams blue,red,green,and purple with different characters (I changed my mind add four characters on each team try adding mostly legendary characters and some epic) and please make them have different weapons (btw could you make the main terrain grass and the teams terrain that teams color) Thank you for doing this I appreciate that you’re helping me

I’ll try to get it done asap but I won’t be able to get 16 gims if that’s okay

Also the title’s called Go Goated right?

yes and that’s okay thank you

you’ll have it done tomorrow right

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Here it is:

Tell me if you want anything added or taken away

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Thumbnail posts are not allowed on this forum.

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wow really, I did not know that. There are like hundreds of them


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thanks you that looks so good

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just make sure to credit me plz and thank you

and mark solution

ok I will credit you in the description

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I credited you do u wanna test out my map

its called go goated by arjun I credited you in the description thx again

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