Pls help me with text and doors

You probably don’t know what I mean in the title so I’m gonna tell you right now. I have a door where if you open it, a sentry will say something. However, when you close the door, the sentry says something else. How do I make it so where the text doesn’t show up when the sentry gets knocked out?

Sentry knocked out → Hide text

I did that, except when you close the door the text appears again and same for opening the door even after the sentry dies.

make sure in layers that the text is under the door

what do you mean by that

my problem is that if I wire sentry knocked out → hide text the text disappears but then if you close the door I wired it so button pressed → show text so it doesn’t even matter if I do sentry knocked out → hide text.

go to the layers button and make sure that the text is underneath the door

Ok I did that now what

test it out to see if it worked

absolutely did not work

okay can i see what you mean

Ok I’m gonna screenshot this but it might look messy

Screenshot 2024-02-23 10.21.39 PM

I wire the open button to the text you thought, so when the player pressed the open button, it would say you thought. Then I wired the open button to arr, so when the player opened the door, the arr would disappear. Then I wired the close button to Arr, so when the player pressed the close button it would appear and same as the open button. However, when the sentry dies, the wires are still in effect and I want them to be disabled.

Add a trigger in-between the button and the text. When sentry knocked out deactivate the trigger

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what settings do I put for the triggers

It just needs to have player collision off and deactivate when sentry is knocked out. If you want it invisible then turn visible in-game to off. All other settings should be fine.

It works! Ty for responding,

You cold also use popups instead of regular text.

Door opened -> show popup
Door closed -> show (different) popup
Prop made hidden -> show popup
Prop made shown -> show (different) popup

Thanks for giving me more ideas!

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