Please vote for thumbnails

Dang that looks sick

how do i make a poll, i tried to but i dont know how

first go here
then go here
and thats it
and you might have to make a new topic!
i hope it helped!

wasn’t there another one?
by @Bookwyrm703
with a shaded version I made?


ooooo @Foxy that one is the best one

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this one Screenshot 2024-03-15 11.43.09 AM

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sorry but you where to late

I don’t see I like props one.

That isn’t a poll. Here is an actual one:

Vote for the best thumbnail!
  • leo_flowers
  • Buck
  • Therealgimnapper
  • LilMonke321
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@here please use this poll, thanks!
@FNaFguyLP make sure to check in and tell me when to close this poll!


me too i like it for the same reason

Yeah, it’s edited really well. The Gim even has its feet sorta cut off to look like it’s sinking in the sand, amazing

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to me @leo_flowers thumbnail looks very AI-ish

i agree @VoidFluffy like the sand looks good but i also agree with @GIMKIT.CREATIVE he has a point its really AI-ish… but i dont know if @FNaFguyLP wanted it like that?