Please test My map

I want to see if my map Stache’s Cash is Good, can you pls test it

Codes aren’t allowed, they’re prohibited on the forums. Try discord or the wixsite.

You can’t advertise or put codes in here, welcome to the forums @Mikey remember to read:

Can you pls test it, I can think of any other way to ask, plus I don’t want to get discord

You can do it on the wix

what is wix? I have never heard of it.

well theres wix, canva, docs, and padlet, they are websites though it might be blocked for school

Oh, but what if i just want to do it on gimkit what do I do

no no, you post your code on there and then they will come and help, (do be warend there may be trolls)

Is there anything I can do

Can I give you my code? for you to test

no not here you can’t, but you will copy your code put it in one of those websites and then state what you need

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N.O, end of discussion. If you need help, use pictures. We don’t test games here, unless you use Padlet, discord, or wix.

oh :frowning: will you test my map though, its already published

well talking about its name or descrbing it would be advertising so please just use one of the websites

alright thank you for helping

im sorry its tight here on rules but thats how we keep order, but don’t worry the wixsite will help

If you play it pls tell me if anything didn’t work, needs, to much of, ect.

i will tell you if i find it (you can link it in your bio then its not advertsing)

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