Please stop making thumbnail request posts

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PSA’s aren’t allowed if they aren’t about GKC.

Ok, I will change it

I can’t go on the wix, dicord, or really anything. So I can do the first 2 steps. But all in all, that is very acurate.

gimsolver psa´s arent allowed period and this thumbnail thing may have to be addressed sooner or later

and the third (I think)

what does this mean?

also @Coffee this still might get flagged even if u remove the psa tag
and if u are that worried then message the mods about this
after all this forum is about gkc if we try to make guides about the forum it just makes it worse and causes more things not about gkc to arise

I was just trying to help with the clutter (this might become a pandemic of every 3 actual help post there is at least 4 or 5 thumbnail requests)

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yeah dont worry about the forums just flag bad stuff and let the mods handle it but more or less this was thoughtful so i´ll see ya later

Only PSAs about GKC are allowed.