Please, please, help with my collab!

I need total help with a game, and gave everyone access to reply in Comments and view it! But, nobody collabs with me still!

remove the ideas tag. also if no one wants to Collab with you, idk what to say

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Also, people said they will collab with me and I told them to reply in the Comments of Google Docs, but…nobody is listening!

I want to help you but I need more options

did you think of the fact that the Google doc could be blocked for them? it is for me…

Try again…
My artistic padlet
Collab: Gimkit - Google Slides
Collab - Gimkit Google Docs

You’re not allowed to do this

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Sorry, but this is just a collab…with no game codes. I sent links to Google Slides, Docs, and Padlet. Is it possible to do this? I don’t know, but I can’t delete/flag posts now too.