Please mark a solution this is not a good look

What you fellas think?

I also got it, so ya

  1. This isn’t GKC related
  2. This isn’t a guide
  3. Congrats on New User of the Month
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Also, asking if people are envious isn’t necessarily nice, and doesn’t make you look like a good fit for it.


Its my business not yours-…

Suit yourself then…

Hey man, I’m kinda new and shy :sweat_smile:, so quick question, is this common or not?

What I thought, now byee!

New user of the month is given out basically at random, so no, not envious at all. The title doesn’t mean much of anything, sorry.


Yeah, seems like something that should be given manually.
Also, good NUOTM users don’t make topics about it.

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Indeed. I remember when the first new user of the month time rolled around and me and Cameron sharer didn’t both get it. Everyone was confused and it was hilarious. Then we realized the title was a scam, and as far as I know, only one person has gotten it so far who actually somewhat deserved it.


Thank you so much everyone!

Remember to mark a solution


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