Please I need a new idea for a new game

i am a BIG fan of Gimkit ever since 2020 ever since lockdown. Ever since GImkit Creative was out I made a bunch of games. I made 5 games to be exact and tried it out on my classmates and they liked it. But now I deleted all of my games because I HATED IT and wanted a new start. So when I found out that this community forum existed I made an account today to make a game with you guys. So please if you want to collab with me or give me some inspiration for ideas please reply

Thank you

  1. The Classic Battle Royale Game, with your own twists and turns.
  2. The Chaotic Battle Royale Game, with both tagging and shooting.
  3. Hide and Seek, Dodgeball, Last Man Standing, King of the Hill, etc.
  4. The Classic Amongus
  5. Island Survival Games.
  6. City Based Games about working economy.
  7. Just a lore game.
  8. Capture the Flag
  9. Fishtopia Spinoff

thats alot of ever since

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could I know what your last games were?

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Hello! @LxmasHaxTakis what is this site about? Do you want to be friends?

Ok i Message you on the site.

My last game was called Teleporting worlds. It’s where you have to go around the whole game fighting Evil Plants and Saving people at the same time. Unfortunately, I have to delete the Game because i didn’t like it because i thought it was bad even though there were over 500+ plays in the game. That’s it.

What is the goal of making your games? Is it for other people to play? For your entertainment?

What genres are you interested in?

Are there any games you like that you want to implement into creative?

(FYI you can only make 10 replies in the first 24 hours of your account’s creation so try to bunch up your answers in less replies.)


The goal of my games is for other people to have fun on this site playing me games. I am not interested in only one genre but all of them. I love all of my games. Just now i find them ugly and uninteresting. oh yeah thanks for info

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Hey where are you it’s been 30 mins and you’re not answering my messages yk if you don’t want to collab you can just tell me :cry:

Collaborating isn’t directly allowed on this forum (you’re not allowed to post game codes, at least), but there’s a Discord server and other external site that you’re able to use to share those codes. That being said, the main purpose of this forum is to help others with any issues that they might be encountering with Gimkit Creative - if you’ve got any questions about that, we’re all happy to help! :]

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What specifically do you don’t like about them?
What other games have you made other than the teleporter one?

oh ok! thanks for info

zombs royale

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