Please help with teleporters

if u click the teleporter, look to the top left and there’s blocks and theres different types of blocks in certain categories

but i dont want it to be random how does this help

for one how did ye make a timer?

trigger delay

i suck at trigger delays

So, you have two teleporters: one for team one and one for team two. since they start at the same spot, you’ll need TWO relays. One relay specified for team one, and the other for, you guessed it, team two.

Now, these relays are wired to their own teleporters. When the relay is triggered (by a zone, since using zones to teleport is actually a bit easier in this case), it will teleport that player from that team to that respective teleporter.

I’ll actually try this out real quick, in case it actually DOESNT work. that would be embarrassing

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ok or that (my ideas never work and never used anyway)

that wasnt a good gif
gimme a sec

they dont start at the same spot tho, the trigger i have has a 45 second delay after the level ends and when the game begins, the two teams start in different rooms, the issue that I am having is that when the trigger delay ends, only one of the teams get teleported to their teleporter while the other does not

the trigger needs to send a signal to two relays.

there are two triggers that send out two different signals

That’s your problem. Use the same trigger for both signals.

how with a relay?

omg thank you so much it worked.

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