PLEASE help with decoration ideas my game looks dead

I need Ideas to help me with my lobby for my game. the theme is Fortnite/pvp, and I cant think of anything.

You should use camera views.


For what though?

I like to decorate by trying to find the biggest round area (You can deform the circle, but exclaves don’t count) that is bland, and putting something in it, making the biggest possible area way smaller. Maybe put a few props on the wood to fill space like I said?

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The camera view limits where the player can see, so they can’t see outside the actual lobby.

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Oh also you shouldn’t have external links to other sites in your GKC game. Don’t want it to get taken down!


anything else?

You kinda unlucked out and noone who’s specialty is art replied. You could wait for RNG to have someone see your post, or to you could wait for @WolfTechnology. As for me, I think that’s it!

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okay, well thank you for helping!

I made an evil eye thing on an anvil
Screenshot 2024-03-07 4.43.09 PM

My map still looks a bit bare though, its like there’s something missing.

If you want,
go the the game-sharing wix,
go to code-sharing group, and have people help.
the link:

I tried that, but the thing wouldn’t let me in

did you sign up for a wix account?

Yes, I did.

Anything else please?

Yeah im in disney right now so getting on will be short and slim for me. But I will try too.:crossed_fingers:

Idea 1: a carpet, made using a colored barrier with collision disabled
Idea 2: water dispense from props
Idea 3: dirt/moss marks in the floor
Idea 4: Waypoint device to point the player to any place
Idea 5: Waiting ‘people’ using sentries
Idea 6: a TV prop
Idea 7: Interactivity using buttons (ex. ‘sit on the couch’ → ‘u got 1000 energy’ or ‘pick up trash’ → ‘you earned money that was in the trash!’
Idea 8. Camera view
Idea 9: a door leading out to a yard full of alien flowers and plants
Idea 10: a secret trapdoor that has many free upgrades

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