Please Help With A Trash Bin

How do i make a system where if a player clicks a button, all of their items get deleted?

Notice: I won’t be looking for replying to solutions because i will be in school. I’ll probably check around 3 or 4 PM.

this will work (hopefully)

It depends, if the player gets a bunch of items themselves, like collecting wheat from growing, etc. then I cant really help, however, if you get specific items, like, you ARE going to only get a key, then you can set up vending machines to the button to make it seem like all the items dissapear.

That works, but it needs to be a different way - my map’s a battle royale map and i don’t want the person losing their main weapon they got at the start of the game.

That sounds truly evil. Malicious laugh I LOVE IT!

Why don’t you just not include the weapon in the thing it deletes?

Yes but that would make the block code too deep. And would take up a lot of storage.

What if you just made some item granters take away every item except the weapon

But what if you have an important thing you really need?

drop it, delete everything else, pick it up after

mabye make it so theres a invisible button under a trash can saying Throw away Items?
and it kills the player but if you disable keep inventory or whatever from the map options you gotta functioning trash

What if someone steals it? Never trust gimkitters…



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there was conveniently a guide on this.

That was made 12 hours ago.

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