Please help (Thumbnail)

I need a thumbnail of a Vortex Agent fighting an Ozi Sentry (the Ozis look like the Cursed in Snowy Survival).

Change to this to the new ART category please.
Could you give more details?

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I was thinking maybe a Vortex Agent firing a Zapper at one of the Cursed of Snowy Survival (the background can be just black; I don’t need a great background)

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Do You need a title?

No, I don’t need one.

I will be gone for today; I will be back tomorrow. Don’t expect replies.
(I also don’t need my name on it, but its fine if it is anyway)
Bye, I will see replies tomorrow.

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This what you had in mind?
Uploading: Untitled design (12).png…

… I can’t click on it… it says that it is uploading.

Ok its been 21 hours and it has still not uploaded

… I don’t know what to think.

sorry… here you go again

Yeah, thank you, this is good