Please help me with this thing... (Solved)

so i was playing a game in discovery and in the top right it said “made by _____________”
and i would like to do that but i dont know how can you help?

wat please elaborate

Just include text in your thumbnail

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@Cellofive i saw that made by but im making a mission game so i wanted to say what you have to complete and the end

I don’t understand.

ok never mind i will just try to add it to my bio of the game

So your saying you want a notification at the end of the game that says game made by ______

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Welcome to the forums @LazyDragon!

never mind as i said ill just add it to the bio of my game

Notifications, you use notifications

or game overlays.

im going to mark @LazyDragon as solution bc that was what i kinda wanted

I FIGURED IT OUT!! i just needed a game overlay

Alright since it looks like you figured it out for future reference try experimenting how things work and what could do this before posting a help topic.

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