Please Help me on this: Vanishing Props (multiple)

How to make a prop disappear and in 3 seconds appear again with a button. (Multiple)

What do you mean? Like you can make it appear for 10 seconds with a button?

Yeah and then make it disappear after that period of time is done

Try setting it to hidden by default, then when the button is clicked, send a message on a channel. Make the prop show when it receives on that channel. Also, make a non-colliding trigger receive on the same channel, and have it send another channel to hide the prop after the set period of time.

I don’t wan’t to make it hidden by default, can you try something else?

Then what do you want by default? Just remove the hidden by default part, and if it is hidden by any other part of the map, the rest should work to show it for X seconds.

Like the Default of the Prop is Showing.

I am very confused, then what would the button do?

  1. Add a button
  2. Add a wire repeater.
  3. Set the wire repeater to 3.0 seconds.
  4. Connect a wire from the button to the prop saying, “button pressed-------hide prop.”
  5. Connect a wire from the wire repeater to the prop. Make it say, “wire pulse repeated--------------show prop.”
  6. Connect a wire from the button to the wire repeater. Make it say, “button pressed-------repeat the wire pulse.”
    If you want multiple to do it at the same time, just have multiple props,1 button, and 1 wire repeater and repeat steps 4 and 5.