PLEASE HELP.Is there ANY way i can make some sort of team checker?

i need a team not to be able to enter a certain area,
i cant reply so im using ace’s account

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Use game leaderboard if using teams

What do you mean by check for teams? Check for team number?[1] Check for the number of people on a team?[2]

  1. There’s a block for that. ↩︎

  2. Use a team scoped player counter. ↩︎

You can also use the team filtering option in wire repeaters as a memory-efficient option.

Im guessing that new users have less replies and why for the safety of the community?

I AM ILOVECHICKENSSSSSSS but, i couldnt respond there so im using ace’s account, i am blackjack A.K.A I LOVE CHICKENSSSS

anyways,i have a barrier that can only open for team 1 (or 2) but it doesnt work

Edit: okay set a relay to specific team on game start, and that team will have the barrier deactivated. ill have a picture in a second.

not what i need.


You can use a relay and player scope to make the barrier only open for one team on game start.

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hey do ya wanna just… do it for me? ill give ya credits…

ive seen that solution and have NO idea what it is, and ace,(our leader who actually knew stuff) left so…

All things:


Relay settings:

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new relay
relay when receiving on channel: GameStart
relay to channel: TeamBarrierUnlock
relay for: Specific Team
team: [your team]

new lifecycle
broadcast on channel: GameStart

new barrier
scope: Team
activate on channel: TeamBarrierUnlock
active on game start: no 
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that works
also hey ur back!

You could, upon entering a zone, run a trigger with block code that checks if the players team equals a number. The number should be the team number that you don’t want in the zone. If the check passes, then broadcast a message on a channel and have a teleporter receive on that channel, teleporting the player to somewhere else.

thank you. you solved it.
i ran out of replies but the other stuff didnt work

Yes there’s like a block for that and also the game leaderboard. What are you confused about?

Burh use a wire repeater instead of blocks.