Please help I need map ideas

About that…
I ran into some problems with detecting if there is a possible capture. Using recursion, it runs through and sees if any R variable (for red) is equal to any B variable - 9 or + 11. At the start, there is no way any of the properties are equal, but according to the block code, the math works. So I am stuck with nothing to do, so it might be a while. If I could fix whatever is wrong though, I would just need one more week.


You could try to make a game like golf with the “new” ball feature.

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Ehh, how would that work? I guess you hit the ball with a blaster or something, and it heads toward the hole? But that isn’t really realistic, is it now? And we need to detect if they are moving, so see if the shot is bad, by detracting velocity from the ball, so it isn’t exactly right. However, if we use advanced mechanics, we could make it work.

Description of how I would make golf. **WARNING: LONG**

Ok, so we start with the golf ball. We could use a little emoji, like this one ∙ and make it big. (This is actually the math multiplication symbol, but you can find it in the omega section of emojis). Now, we need to hit the golf ball. Make a tee box by having a zone. When players enter zone → Give item (any will do). When players leave zone → Give item (-1). Now, we will have an inventory item manager, managing that property and updating a property, that will be either one or two. Inside that tee box, make a coordinate grid out of lasers. Group them all so that when the player touches one: broadcast ResetStillness. Now, have a counter receive on ResetStillness, and reset then. Also, connect the counter to a repeater (or trigger clock or wire repeater clock), so that every second the counter goes up one. Now, set the counter to a target, and when it reaches that broadcast Still. Now, have another counter that resets on ResetStillness. However, this goes up when receiving Power, which broadcasts from a checker if this check comes up true: If item is equal to one. That item is a new item that gets removed on Hit. Now, have a game overlay that broadcasts Tap when pressed. Now, that counter updates a property called Power. When receiving Still, a trigger runs block code. It uses the property Power, and your approximate location (when you touch a laser, it switches where you are) to find out where your ball will go. It will broadcast a number for each number that your power is greater than or equal to using recursion, but not before setting a property to your angle and force multiplier. With your approximate location, we can find out if you heel, toe, or hit the ball with the face of the club, changing the angle the ball goes at and if you didn’t hit it good, your force multiplier. Also, you force multiplier changes depending on how close or far you were from the ball. The closer and father away, the less your force multiplier will be. It will be multiplied by Power to find the final Force (property), which we will recur. If you broadcast channels with the respective numbers (the recursion ends up broadcasting a lot), you can show and hide copies of the golf ball, making it animated as it flies to the hole. Obviously, it gets more complicated with your second and third shot, as you will have the option to use different clubs, and hitting it from a different spot, but those are the basics. You just lessen your modifier with weaker clubs and worse areas (tee, then fairway, then green then rough, then bunker), and adding where you are to the number so that it is adjusted accordingly. Anyways, that’s about it. It might take ~20-30% to make 18 holes (I think), but it would be a joy to play. That’s about it, and if someone wants to make it like this, please do, because I am not.

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yeah that is the thing i was thinking about

The blaster idea? Or the long, complicated one below that?

really both ideas combined

How would you combine them? There is no way to determine the velocity of the ball, how much power (the same, because it is just one weapon), and while it has better aim, you also couldn’t switch clubs or change the velocity based on if you are teeing off or hitting in the rough.

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Maybe you can do a campaign mission game with an entire fully fledged story line.

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there are too many posts about this we have over a hundred ideas here idea-catalog

search before you post

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There’s so little devices that can make sound, most of them require player interaction, and all of them have basically no distinct pitch; the only device that makes sound while not requiring direct player interaction I can think of right now is the vending machine, so if you find a way to play the vending machine instantaneously quickly at a speed where it makes waves or psuedo-waves, then you can make music, but I don’t think that’d be easy or even possible in Gimkit Creative. You can replace files in Gimkit Creative though, so you can replace the sound that vending machines or other device sounds with your own SFX or music.


What are psuedo-waves? It seems like people are just starting to put psuedo at the beginning of anything and everything


Waves are what make up sound and I believe if you play a sound fast enough at a wave-like speed it’ll play an according pitch, so really wave-interception instead of psuedo-waves since you’re making sound waves out of sound waves instead of making something just similar to a sound wave.


super smash bros i think that would be cool to see

Screenshot 2024-02-14 7.28.00 PM
I wish you the best of luck on your gimkit journey! If you need any help, please let me know. I’d be happy to help! (This goes for anyone!)

wait WHAT

also that doesn’t work. If it does, I’m stupid.

Super Gim Bros(Super Mario Bros)

Has the new update released?

I know im a little late on this, but here you go!