Please help! Disaster has struck!

Is there a way to switch which maps you can access?

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:thinking: explain? @Godspawnking

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I don’t know dude! I have no clue

I was hoping that all the maps I created would stay open after the season ticket ended, but it didn’t, and it chose the top three worlds, and I didn’t want it to select the ones it chose.

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There is not. The only way to unlock maps is to delete some of them, or to buy season ticket.


welp that really sucks

I am defeated…

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Yeah… sucks @Godspawnking

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wait, you dont keep maps after season ticket ends?

i know it really does suck $07

Yes, but it limits the ones you can access.

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Of course the maps still exist, but you can’t access some of them.


As you can see, I can’t access some of my maps.

there go my plans for making 25 maps and not having to pay for more room after the season lol

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