Playing Published Games

I used GimkitCreative for my students to build exam study games. They built their games, they attached their student-made question kit, and published the links . . . but when we try to play each others’ games as a whole class, the question kits don’t show up??? We click on the questionner item and all the questions the kids created are gone. HELP!!!

Either the kits were set up incorrectly or it’s a bug.

I’m wondering if it was because they have student accounts? Only 5 people can play their games at a time if using the published link . . . the workaround was to have the student who owns the map toggle off permissions and just have classmates add themselves to the map and play a demo/practice game. It made them happy enough, but was just an extra step to worry about. Would love for them to work this out over the summer so we can “publish” student games and have it work without needing a workaround.

You need to paste in a link, and have them come to the actual place were you made it.

You probably don’t need a workaround if the the teacher themself uses the publish code

They made their kits, then pasted the kit link into the map for the questionner. It works when we’re directly in their maps, but not when they publish the game and use the publish link.

We still need a work around. I, the teacher, used the published link and the kids joined the game through that and it still didn’t work :frowning:

did they save the kit? Otherwise, I could send a few pictures.

They did :frowning: I feel like it might have something to do with their student accounts, but I don’t know the details behind those settings.

I use a student account and I’m just fine.So I don’t know.

This has happened before and sometimes the problem was that the kit was not set to public.

Are you wumpus from discord?

Not the official one, you can find me on the Gimkit discord as @TheWumpus.

okay then.A little dissapointed, but thats fine.

Are they set to public? That might be the issue.