Players one one team switch to another

I want the players on one team to switch to a different one. How do I do this?

You can use a team switcher.
(and a button or something else to activate said team switcher)

I didn’t even know that it existed. Thanks!

No problem. Glad I could help.

But i want an entire TEAM to switch, not just one player.

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Relay with team setting

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still figuring it out, so hold on please

I need to make 3 teams. 1 for White, 2 for Black, and 3 for a sentry.

How do I switch all of the players one one team to another team?

By using a relay ‘all players on specific team’ to switch them

Can I just give you my code and you do it for me?

No, c0des are not allowed here

I cant figure it out…

What if I spell the numbers

No, c0des are not allowed here.

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Then pretend I’m new to English and explain to me STEP BY STEP how to make all of the players on one team switch to another.

I have 2 teams of players. Black and white.

One team has a sentry. I need whichever player triggers the sentry to switch his/her entire team to the sentry team.

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