Players keep spawning in the middle of the map instead of on the spawn pads

The players in my games keep on spawning in a place with no spawn pads! I can’t figure out why this happens. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Some times this happens.

  1. Spawn pad is set for a different team or person not you so you can’t spawn there.

  2. It is a glitch that might be fixed by trying random tactics.

If you could you can send a vid.

I don’t think that is an actual bug. It is just a coding issue. (no offense, I am just saying)

But there is not much coding in spawn pads do?
You just place it down and spawn there.

I guess that is true.

@GimAI gimai_help Any help with this GimAI?

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The spawn pads can be set to pre-game and game maybe that is the problem

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It is when you start a game or end a game?

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