Player view help

how to make a players view bigger?

Impossible as of now in play mode, editing options in edit mode.

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If it’s a major issue, try making the walls/map smaller.

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There used to be a bug two years ago where zooming out the tab would work, (I used it all the time in tag), but it’s been patched.

Aiming a weapon technically allows you to expand your view in the direction your aiming in.

To make a plaer seem big, use camera’s to elarge the screen.

Do you mean, To make a player seem big, use cameras to enlarge the screen?

yes, thats what i was meaning to say.

huh what do you mean?

when you use a caerma device players cant see out of the range, and more you increase it the bigger the gims seem.

It was kinda annoying while trying to limit view but still make it so you could see the whole room in my Pokémon game.

yeah thats why they are useful, no sneek peeks.

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