Player Movement Delayed? (In Multiplayer, obviously)

I was making a photo trailer only by myself (the other one wasn’t there) (you both go into positions after some decorating for the photo), but one thing i noticed is that the player movement is delayed with 2 tabs.

See, when someone moves in your screen, it looks like they stopped for a second and then they start moving. I thought this was some lagginess on my computer because it can’t handle 2 alts in a game. So i tested with another person. Guess what?
The player movement was STILL delayed.

It’s not like a big bug or anything, but i just want it to be fixed because it just doesn’t look right to me.

I’ve had this happen before. I believe it’s just a glitch with entire Gimkit system.

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Its just how this server works. Since josh built this all himself as a startup it is not as smooth as a lot of other games.


Didn’t he have help from Jeff?

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Yeah. Not sure why i only said josh

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Hey, @FersionSpeedy! Please mark a solution if you found one!

i dont think i even found one


lemme see if i can explain this good enough

so basically, each tab is delayed because you’re switching tabs. i’m not too good at computers but given my multitasking while playing clicker heroes, when you’re on one tab, your computer focuses on that tab and not too much about the others

i think that’s the issue but idk


It’s how multiplayer works, the game is not bugged.
Also @Kormorant , most of the time, Josh and Jakub does the game developing. Jeff moderates.

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This might be one of those times that the only solution is when The Gimkit Team fixes it.

It’s just lag. I’ve encountered the same glitch in my game as well.