Player item death drop

How do I make it so if a player dies, there items are dropped?

There’s lots of guides on that. Try searching for them.

Get a knockout manager. There should be a section you can do that. @potato1

@getrithekd I couldn’t find one, and @Blizzy I want to make it so that all the items in the knocked players inventory are dropped

I don’t know how to do that
I only know how to not let the knocked out player to keep items, but I don’t know what else


The issue with this is it only drops 1 set item

He wants it to drop exactly what the player had

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Simplest answer: in map settings go to items and turn them to drop

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Can you even do that?

No, you can only make players lose items, but they won’t necessarily drop.


I thought in the drop down it had that

Oh nevermind I just checked that

this would be good, but I have every weapon of every rarity that a player could have

You would have to use a LOT of inventory item managers then. There is unfortunately not an easier way yet that I know of.


Well, that’s going to be tedious then.

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Kinda why I didn’t test it out. Sorry for everyone wanting an easier way.

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