Platforming scoring system

need help with platforming map that scores based off of amount of checkpoints reached

give images of the score settings you’re using
EDIT: btw the server is closing soon so you might need to reload

there you go

do score group to player

Change score group to player. Change score type to property.

do score name Checkpoints Reached or something like that

but we are using property so it will be property name which is: Checkpoints

anything else?

if properties cant be used then change to tracking item

no its fine thanks

wdym its fine??<??????>

do what he said and put score type to property

umm it lets me use checkpoints ase a score property

as in the property I made or part of the gkc system?

the score board will score using checkpoints

but is it the property I made??? bc my property is checkpoints

here look

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