Platforming Help/Ideas

Okay, so I’m currently creating a little aim training platformer map with levels like this:
What are some other obstacles or parkour shots that I could do? I’m open to all suggestions!
(Can you also include photos)

Run, jump, small landing, double jump, small landing, double jump backwards and up, large landing, run and jump forwards.

Maybe you should put a laser that comes on and off every 5-10 seconds in between the props, so if a player gets knocked out by the laser, they go back to the start/checkpoint? :thinking: idk

maybe give the player different weapons and only let them pass if they knocked out the sentry. Add more sentries and complex jumps so you have to sho

ot mid-air and a lot of levels with different mechanics.

Perhaps add props that disappear and reappear that either get in the player’s way or are the player’s target?


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