Platformer Thumbnail + More

Well, I need another thumbnail.
Gims: Maple, Golden and a gim of your choice
Scene: Just a game like DLD.

I also need name ideas and summit ideas.

what is cat chompz?

and for summit ideas, I can offer you a few ideas
-blastball summit!
-battle summit!
(basically you fight sentries and parkour at same time, and you get weapon when entering summit and have you weapon taken away after leaving summit)
-devil’s level summit
(have props that move or spikes the suddenly appear and kill you)

Gimtastic something for title

Gimtastic Sky Jumper? and I can make a thumbnail.

Lemme summon some other good artists
@Kat_aronii, @Morepeko8, @Blizzy, rise!!!
-ghost sounds-

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I got this but I can change it up if u want

Um, maybe make a new one instead of the same one you show everyone?
Anyway, anyone else wanna help?

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How do you make your public profile hidden?

Preferences → interface

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ok, thanks. not gonna do it tho, was just curious.

Oh okie



u forgot MEEE

I wrote ‘good artists’

I’m kidding i’m kidding, it’s because you said you were on a tight schedule right before I posted that in another topic.

lol im the only one who will actually take that as a joke
and I was on a time crunch bc I had a flute lesson and other… stuff ehehe but they’re done now :slight_smile:

Well, u told me u were busy, so ppl had like 5 thumbnail requests, and i only summoned u once, cuz u said u busy

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I never get summoned

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I summon @The-realgimkitMaster

I never get summoned for a thumbnail:(

not buysy that much anymore :slight_smile:

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Ayeeeeeee nice! I can ping-SUMMON MOAR PPL NOWWWW :smiling_imp: