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How do I make platforms that turn on and off over and over again

That wouldn’t happen without barriers. make a repeater and counter.

I could work a little bit later.

I am using barriers.

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So Lifecycle > Wire repeater with delay > Second wire repeater with delay (wire repeater loop)
First wire repeater > Deactivate barrier
Second wire repeater > Activate barrier.

Do you have canva or wix? i can join and help/

I got it thanks for the help

Take two triggers and have one of them transmit on the channel “On”, and the other transmit on the channel “Off”. Have both triggers have a 3 second delay, this can be changed to however long you want them to switch on and off for. Connect the two triggers to each other,

When triggered---------trigger
Now take your prop/barrier, and have it deactivate upon receiving on channel off, and activate when receiving on channel on.

Lastly, you need something to kickstart the trigger clock, so take a lifecycle and wire it to one trigger, it doesn’t matter which one.
When event occurs--------trigger.

This design can be used for an infinite amount of barriers, just make all new platforms activate on channel on and deactivate on channel off.

just make a lifecycle to activate on game start, then connect the lifecycle to a repeater. set to a amount of time. wire the repeater to a counter with a target of 2. wire the repeater to the counter to increment by one. the counter updates a property. wire the counter to a instant wire repeater to trigger when target is reached, then wire it back to the counter to reset the counter, basically self resetting. add a barrier or a prop (it doesn’t matter) then add a block to the barrier or prop to trigger on wire pulse from the aforementioned repeater to trigger if property is 1 or greater, it shows, else it hides. GASP

i forgor that barriers and props dont have blocks

just instead of blocks, make another counter with a target of 2, with the self resetting setup. wire the repeater to the new counter, with a delay of repeater time value. then wire the repeater without the startup delay to the barrier or prop to hide, and the other one to show

What do you mean by “on and off over and over again”?

dont forget to make the repeater never stop.
btw no property needed anymore for this method
Screenshot 2024-05-13 115328

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