Platformer Barrier Bug (Wiki git flagged so...)

Annoyingly the same problem the Blastball had is now happening with my gim. I try runing into a barrier that;s deactivated, but I can’t go through it. I am unable to use video right now as well because of the forums attachment rules, so I’ll provide pictures, you’ll just have to believe it.

My game is going good so far, and I think I’ll make a guide on it. Exept this is annying.

Can’t respond quickly sorry.

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Platform seems to have a lot of bugs since it was just added. Does refreshing work?


No, sadly not. Thanks though.

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I’ve accidently thought I had collision off, but I didn’t so it’s not a bug, sorry for this topic.I forgot to double check so whoops.

No more replying please.

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