Pirate Hat in GKC

I know, I’m still thinking how to fix it a bit.

Any ideas??

Well you could use 3 black barriers, and some metal poles and angle them appropriately~


Okay, thank you! I will try that out immediately. I will try to mark a solution as soon as I can!

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Yeah, and then maybe you the ink-and-pen thing as the feather, and layer it at the bottom, with only the feather showing! That would look really good!


So, how does this look taking your suggestion:

How does this look?


Pretty good, but maybe remove the outline? And, also, sorry that I’m not liking any of your posts. I ran out of likes.

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Oh, that’s a good idea, @Blizzy . I will try that out! It sounds like a good idea.

Okay, I will try removing the outline and adding the feathers. Also, @Blizzy , what do you mean you ran out of likes? It’s okay, I’m just trying to figure this out so I can mark the best solution for this.

There is a set number of likes you can use in a day.


Oh, okay got it. Thanks @Cellofive .


You could also try and make treasure/accessories, maybe rings or earrings, gold doubloons?


Oh, okay, that too @ShadowDragon44 .

Hi guys, thanks for your help! Sorry, I was quite busy. Imma mark a solution as soon as I can!