Permanent health upgrade [RESOLVED]

Is there a way for a player to be granted extra health at some point in the game, and keep the extra health upon death?


how did you resolve no one responded

I figured it out as I hit create topic

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can you?? i’m pretty sure the answer is you can’t increase someone’s max health, let alone give them permanent max health.

make a guide about it, people could find it useful

That’s a pretty good idea.

yeah, like me, who has no idea what you’re talking about

It’s rather easy! Have the player who bought the upgrade get the extra health and an item. When they get KOd, have a checker check if they have more than none of the item, with a one second delay. If it passes, grant the player the extra health!

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so so genius!!!

do you mean max health?

No, if your health at game start is 1/20, then this could bump it up to any value not greater than 20.

OHHHHH… That makes sense! I can make lifesteal with that!

Thanks! I thought you meant increase max health, and I had no idea lol

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