Perk A Colas V6 remastered

ok thanks! wait just a minute isnt it like 12 over at the US? oh wait, ur in the Philippines.

Yep but please don’t get off-topic.

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ok i was about to redirect myself thanks
my bad bottle clink

any chance you might have any screenshots of this?

the hidden stay on topic was used

I think a good way to post things that can be off-topic (but still contribute or is helpful to know)


It hides things that some people don’t need to see

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what is this for @Haiasi

screen shots of what @Cod_Zombies ?

Oh wait you’re on? Didn’t expect that. Y’know, regen monster, speed cola 2.0

i can work on that gimme a minute or 5

Ok,take your time @Blackfox45666

Screenshot 2023-11-03 8.40.44 AM
Screenshot 2023-11-03 8.42.11 AM
Screenshot 2023-11-03 8.42.24 AM
Screenshot 2023-11-03 8.43.43 AM

Nice new pfp @Blackfox45666! But I just read your new bio and it says you age, can you please get rid of that?

hold on gimme a sec i dont remember putting my age in there @WolfTechnology but first lemme show @Cod_Zombies the last speed modifier pics

Screenshot 2023-11-03 8.47.19 AM
Screenshot 2023-11-03 8.46.58 AM

Just a tip, you can zoom out your browser so you can screenshot the whole device settings, i used it in my guide how to make a limited number of lives, that’s why the device setting images are long.

I think you should delete this post it gives someones personal info and it has been modified

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just changed it now lets get back on topic and @AverageMale is kinda right @WolfTechnology

I think you could add a rampage ability, where the player is faster but harder to control and deals damage when running into enemies

how do i do that @AverageMale?