Perk A Colas V6 remastered

Ok so back to what i was saying. You all know what it was. Sadly, @AlexMaryland was very negative. Enough about this user. Back to my topic ig

so which one do you want to be built? the temporary speed cola the invisacola or the regen monster or the temporary damage upgrader?

oh woops (face palms) i didnt read the entire post

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Just lmk when you have instructions for both ig

What do you need help with exactly?

I have it all on my other post, Perk A Colas V6

so regen monster button and vending machine linked to a repeater which stops after a certain amount of time and linked to a health granter
temporary damage upgrader item granter with -1 of you your current weapon (which idk how to do just take away a single weapon without keeping all the other weapons from a mystery box) and adds a better weapon with a wire repeater inbetween and another in front with idk 5 sec delay then it gives you your weapon back like -1 of the upgraded weapon and 1 of the weapon you had this damage one is tough so i recomend asking one of the better pros to help if you want to keep the mystery box mechanic in
speed cola 2 speed modifiers and wire the button to the fast one and make a wire repeater with delay connect to the slow modifier setting you back to normal speed after a the wire repeater delay is over
invisacola team switcher and wire the button to that and another wire repeater connected to another team switcher that sets you back to the original team after a while


Oh.Sorry if it took me long to answer, but do i set a price and item on the machine?

There is a setting on a vending machine that you put what and how much of that is required

ik ik what that is.thanks

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Ok I read it over, if you don’t have these abilities,(which you probably do ) include these
Speed (self explanatory)
Streangth (self explanatory)
Venom( Takes damage away from enemys while granting health to the player)
(ill ad more later)

Oh sweet! Venom sounds pretty dope! Idon’t have these yet

Wow, a V6? How long are you going to do these? Pretty cool, though.

Thanks, might be wrapping this up soon maybe? Idk. Also i made changes to my profile

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What is a perk a cola?

A Perk A Cola, referred to as a perk, grants the drinker a new ability, in Cod Zombies. However, there is a perk limit in the games, limit was 4,unless specific methods are used to get more than 1.

Examples of a perk ingame are more health, faster reloads,run faster, no explosive damage etc

Try electricity; it would aim for one and lessly damages the surrounding enemies

Basically Electric Cherry, but more like shot-based is what you mean?

Like a plasma gun; it has piercing capabilities (meaning it can go through multiple enemies) basically the damage spreads like electricity would on metal and stuff( different games have this kind of mechanics!


I am going to sleep soon so goodnight!