Perk A colas in Gimkit Map

Ok so as you guys seen, i’m making a map. I’m thinking to make it as close as the real game, starting with the iconic Perk A Colas! Speed Cola: Idk. Double Tap: Better gadget, such as Evil Eye. JuggerNog: Idk. Just leave any suggestions for items to be the Perk A Colas

I have made a speed cola machine, I knew making these would help someday!

If you need any designs, I have a big guide on a lot of them, apart from juggernog, double tap, and quick revive, tho I am planing on it

And for other ones, like vulture aid elixer, I will send the link to my designs, and I am making a zombies map, so if you need any help, message me (P.S. if you click my name, you can find the guide under the pinned topic)

“Ya need a little revive”
you should make the respawn soda

Make sure to mark a solution when you’re done!

I’m pretty sure you can modify the amount of health players have for Juggernog, although I could be wrong.

Stamin-up is easy, just modify movement speed

When the damage modifier in that vote comes around Double Tap should be easy, or you could replace it with deadshot daiquiri for the same reason

Tombstone would be hard to do, taking up too much memory

Who’s Who could possibly happen but it not only stinks but also takes way too much memory

Ok thanks i will need it.

Yeah tombstone and who’s who may as well be scrapped. I’m not sure how to modify damage or movement speed.

This will help, thanks!

Here is a speedy cola machine made by me and @Coffee.
Screenshot 2023-08-31 12.48.26 PM

Thanks now i need it to work if possible. And probably the other machines. If they can’t work, i’ll make them props.

Ok, if you want some ideas, I would recomend using a button and a vending machine, and wire it to when button is clicked you will get a shield can or a speed upgrade.

Which perk is that for?

i need to make gobblegum machine and pack a punch

Ok thanks! I just realized about gobblegum and pack a punch!

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what did you find about them?

nothing, but i feel like i need these, working or as a prop

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