Percy Jackson Wiki For @GimkitSuggestor

How come People are not posting their creations here?

I had this for me and everyone

Did you specify that everybody could edit?
Oh, you did just now. Yeah, nobody really knew.

Are you gonna add anything to it? You don’t have to, but still, I’ve found making the very beginning of a wiki can make others do it. Most people like to add to something already there, like maybe you make an outline.

This is off topic I think, it isn’t a community guide at all and it isn’t related to gimkit, I don’t hate percy jackson but this is not the place for a wiki on it

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I read all the books!! OH MY GOOOOSH!!!
RADICALL!! @Gimkitsuggestor you rock!

Someone is trying to flag this :anger:

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I will not allow it

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That’s me, I don’t hate Percy Jackson, but this is completely off-topic. Again I don’t hate Percy Jackson in any way and I read it a lot but this is off topic and barely is even a wiki for Percy Jackson at all


Okay maybe I will

This isn’t off-topic? This is related to Gimkit kinda I think? This is a wiki.

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Its not off-topic, it is incomplete. There is a difference between incomplete/not started than off topic.

  1. This isn’t off-topic lol.
  2. This wiki is made for GimkitSuggestor and everyone else.
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ALright gang.
THe lawyer is here.
So number 1
Please state your reason on why this is off topic
2. please state why this is not off topic

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For #2
Its a wiki

  1. It’s a wiki. It’s made for GimkitSuggestor and everyone else.

Anyway, this whole reply is off-topic. Let it go :snowflake:.

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Wikis can be off topic, its just that this wiki has not been added to yet.

Haha! Funny reference:


how come every other topic I read,
I see whereismycrown and someone else arguing.
dang it I just bumped this guide.
I’ma say things in a edit now.

question about wiki:
What elements do you plan to add into this guide?
barrier/terrain art related to the Percy Jackson series?

also, this exists:
if you don’t wanna hear from someone, just muste or ignore them.

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because it’s whereismycrown.