Penalizing slowness in a chase?

Like, imagine being in a hallway and a certain danger is coming at a certain speed, if you go too slow, and get caught, then you have to start over again.

like seek from doors?

yeah, you could say that.

Okay, first you would need an animation, some bookshelves without collision, and some other stuff

I took that way too serious :rofl:

i don’t necessarily need an animation, I just need a penalty for being too slow.

oh okay. You should change the name then, so that people would understand.

what would be a better name for the topic?

“How would i make a penalty for being too slow in a chase scene.”
I think that’s a good name for the topic.

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It’s not very memory proficient but you could use multiple sentries that turn on an doff the simulate walking and a knock out zone also with the sentry

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i could try this out, thanks

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