(PATCHED) How to name your Sentries!

This is cool! How would this work, I would love to have it in my game. Could also actually troll people on fake or real gims.

should i switch this to community made guides after I add the steps?


This would be a good idea to use! I could try and name my governor in my game. :slight_smile:

I will add the steps now


This could have lots of uses

Displaying currently winning player

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Yes. But there is no rush so make it a good guide


you should name it ”the last form of sentry interactions”

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Or, “How to name your pet sentry!”

Just thought of it as a joke, but torontos is better in my opinion.

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Can’t you use text? Cool guide though.

Yeah, you could but how do you get the name outline?

Text stroke

Is the name font in the game?

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o cool!
is this some sort of bug?

I guess it is, but it could great for many maps

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Just combine this with sentry skin suppression and you have the ultimate troll!


How do you suppress the skin? i mean I have seen the sentry be a blue gim before but how do you purposely do it

@Zer0 you only have one day to edit so if you need to add more do it now

When you spawn in to your creative map, and if there is a lot of things in your map, the sentries will take on the brief appearance of a gim.

If you want, you can make a animation to make the play think the sentry is a gim even more.


I don’t really need more because that is pretty much it

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You want me to make a poll? @Zer0