Password Guessing Help

I want it to have you pick a password from 3 different options, and then when receiving on a channel, you can attempt to guess some random persons password from 3 options How would I do this? I have a game overlay that when you press it, it triggers a trigger.
(Btw Yes, I am making crypto hack from Blooket in Gimkit. Don’t blame me. Blame the friend that told me to.)

Use block code to have two other random passwords. Use the pop-up shop method to select the password. Like CassiusDoomlorde said have a property for the passwords on a player scope.


so you would have to set each player’s password to a different property to start

and then you would put the password choices in a popup selector

how would I do that?

Have another pop up for selecting a password which triggers a trigger to set a password.

so the summary is you have something that sets the password to the first property, and when a password is chosen, then make it so the next time someone does it it uses a different property

can you not repeat what I say?


this would be complicated but i think i can make it so you would need a randomizer for each password option that would determine what comes onto the options for passwords this would require quite a lot of randomizers but i´ll make a prototype soon

@CassiusDoomlorde I said that before you did (or you replied and I didn’t see it)

ok, I’ll try my way while I wait

nvm im scrapping it i cant figure it out

I may have to change it from what It is in Blooket

or make a different game mode

cafe would be easier

Crypto Hack Is Better, And Anyway, I was done with everything else already :frowning:

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you could just assign them a random password

it would be easier

I have a compromise, without passwords, it just picks a random person and steals their crypto.
I have an issue. You can hack yourself. How do I fix this? Relays don’t work for some reason.

also I have testing for 45 minutes, so see you then.

well relays should work

but you could I suppose have some code that checks who you are stealing from and makes sure it’s not you