Partially Functioning Chess (1 Player and 2 Player)

Oh noes. Well worst case scenario I’ll see if I can call in a favor to skip the exp gain (I know Blackhole has contact with the devs, so if I can get in touch with them than it’s possible).


Just as a heads up by the way, you have 3 hours left to edit your post.

When you reach TL2 (12 days), you will then get 15 more days to edit your post

Welp that’s fine for now, since someone offered to make a wiki. Once I reach TL2, I’ll probably just remove the wiki and copy it here if I’m finished. Thanks for letting me know though! Btw, what’s the highest obtainable trust level for Gimkit right now? I’ve been a TL4* on other sites, so it’d be nice to reach that here too.


TL3 (regular)

You cannot get TL4 unless Jeffo promotes you to TL4


Rip I said TL3 not TL4, but yeah. I figure if I make enough advances in Gimkit than I’ll eventually get there…

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Something is kinda working…

It is supposed to do recursion for every piece to check which squares they are attacking/protecting. Right now, I only finished the pawns for white (the overlay in the top left), but it definitely looks like it’s working (some numbers appear twice because they are attacked multiple times, and the coordinates are 1-64 from top-left corner to bottom-right corner).

Also, the top-right overlay is the square that is currently selected.

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I realized something genius. So we have psuedo-properties with counter’s right? But we can get 35 memory costing property setters by setting each to a value (10, 20, 30, 40), having it increase by one when a certain button broadcasts to it, setting the property to it, then triggering a block to check the property value, turning the number into a square!

What no lmao
Just email them yourself-


wow thats comming along nicely

Wow i can’t believe i just saw this, but nice first guide @jjnitzan!

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Great guide! Make sure to finish it soon though, you only have 3 days editing time.

Yeah, not sure if he is finished or not, the wip tag is not there anymore.

And @I_Like_Props i just read your bio and its quite sad, but yet very, very true.

Okay, maybe the guide is almost done? I don’t know.

Yeah thats the reason why I wrote to please read more.
Any good quote of it?

Yeah not sure, it looks done to me though.

DO you mean write a quote or do mean what quote was my favorite?

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Yeah, looks pretty much done.

Both, or either one :slight_smile:


Thank you for adding my quote. Thank you dear friend.

Random thing.

I do pixel art now!


Nice! I do pixel art all the time, its how i make gims. And I liked Clic clac and VWOOM’s quotes the best,both had a really good point that I understand well. And as for my quote(if you wish to add it) “The Forum is not that bad, but its not great either. As I speak, the forum is peaceful and on a better track towards the end of the dark ages. But there are still some concerns. For one, no one can ever really stay on-topic, its just impossible. All it takes is the right word or phrase to start a off-topic conversation. And second, there is a lot we all can do to chip in and help others, but things will be hard, and things will be good, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. There always will be.” I think thats good.

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The correct term is VWOOM. Please stay awake, and also thank you.

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my bad, yeah its 9:30pm and i have been doing marketing work all day, so yeah im a bit tired, but I will stay on here for a bit longer. And all of this is severly off topic, so i will need to clean this up.


Only 8:30 here and i love the catting