Pack A Punch Machine (COD Zombies Game)

I dont think PML’s do.

Um ok, you may have not played the game but there is a mag size upgrade.

Yeah so use, snowbrawl launchers, Zappers, and slingshots.

All weapons increase damage with rarity, but only some weapons increase max ammo over rarities.

Here’s a picture, I’m hoping to make it a working PAP machine.
Screenshot 2023-10-03 2.24.46 PM


yeah, look at this guide @Cod_Zombies for every weapon stat and fact.

Thanks, I will recreate it, send you a photo, and tell you how to make it later.

Ok thanks! I’ll be waiting

Your welcome, and I will have to make it in about an hour, Im still in school but i can make it after wards. And why does you topic say Teleporter?

I was thinking of making new areas only able to get access to via a teleporter. Might need to make buyable doors but i’ll worry about the door mechanic from the game later

Oh ok, so then your title shouldn’t have that in it, i’ll remove it for you.

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I was thinking about the teleporter from Kino to Pack A Punch on that map, but the buyable doors seem better, as literally every zombies game has that system

True, and here is a guide on how to make buyable doors, incase you need to know.

Ok thanks i’ll be sure to use both of those.

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Has this been resolved yet?

GIMKIT is going to add a damage modifier?

They might, but they’re voting on it, so we’re not sure.

You could make a chalkboard/blackboard with blackboard legs sticking out of it.

Maybe yeah idk thanks

I don’t want to say this again but,

Please don’t necropost!
This was before it got added.

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