Overlaying Sentry Skins?

I want to make a sentry, but I want it to look like the spider prop. I want to know if there is any way I could make the sentry invisible so that only the spider prop shows. Any experienced creators out there who know a trick?

Welcome to the forum, @Domini-Kumo !! Make the spiderweb using white tinted fence poles. Try using fence poles and tinting them black for the legs, use a circle black barrier for the body and head.

Welcome to the forum, @Domini-Kumo!! You could probably do this with different props. For instance, you could create some legs by changing the color of table legs.

You can put the sentries under some props with no collisions (to let the shots get through them) using layers. If the sentries are in the primary layer and props are in above, it should work!

Welcome to the forum, btw!

You can’t make the sentry invisible but you could cover it up and turn collision of the props.

Thank you! This is a good idea, and I will try this as well as Shdwy’s.

You’re welcome!!

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