Overlay Shifting

That’s not allowed. @Foxy - it’s my Legacies of Gimkit game I don’t want surprises for - that screenshot’s from my new game called Dark Tower: No Way Up that I’ll publish this afternoon. :rofl:

Also, all I’m waiting for now if for people to fill out my bio form. I can’t do anything until I get responses.

is that the name of it???
ohh and do you need a TN for that or no?

No Way Up sounds like an exciting game.
Never thought of that before until now.

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Yes. It’s not published yet, though. I just made a thumbnail, srry.

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the chat I was telling you about had a lot of OGs
lost contact though

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hmm maybe the tower more Gimkit like
and diff color text cuz background navy

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Good feedback, @M13TheCreator! I plan to create a new thumbnail eventually - I’m just rushing to publish a BETA version of my game b/c my teacher wants to host it in class today.

@Foxy, can you tell the boycotters of my form that I took down the email part and to please complete it so I can finish on time?


happy to help @Gimkit101 :saluting_face:

I can try there were a lot of people there
mainly the older users like mysz

what form? if its wix i can’t do it.

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it’s a Google form linked from the WIX it used to require emails
thank God that part was removed

A google form. I only need the people who’re going to be featured to fill it out.

Thanks, @Foxy!

ok so do you want me to fill it out or no? i have a bit of free time.

These are the people I still need to fill out my form:

Can you fill it out, too, @Foxy and WolfTechnolgy?

sure, can i have the link?

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fill it out for what??

It’s for my Legacies of Gimkit game. I don’t need you to fill it out, srry.

Filled it out.