Overlay Shifting

  1. The energy-tracking overlay (top-right) shifted the Health/Shield bar down.
  2. The Questions button overlay (bottom-left) shifted the weapon refill button (bottom-left) up.

@josh can you fix this?

@Gimkit101 i made a post to add post like these, you don’t need to ping josh as he is most likely very busy with other bugs right now.


Why do we have a guide replacing the bugs topic?


there are just so many I guess we are just keeping them there clutter
idk ask wolf


If we could replicate this, custom huds?
Also maybe it could be turned from a bug into a feature, if josh saw it

Are you on mobile?
Gimkit said there would be some issues with the game overlay in Platforming.
Also, that has occurred to me as well…

We don’t need to worry about being as efficient as possible… It just makes things not seem friendly… @California_Love, I didn’t make this topic…

thats litterally the reason but people find every reason to flag help as spam, so yeah its gone.

I know. Why did you ping Josh, @Gimkit101?
Message them instead, if it’s an issue.

Oh! It said that when you press the game overlay the item selector would disappear or something! I heard that from somewhere…

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yeah i think he pinged josh because he was active at that time yesterday.

@Gimkit101 @California_Love Josh is looking through bugs already no reason to annoy him
wolf my thumbnail wiki too…


Oh, all right.
It should be fixed anytime, then.
Let’s just give it some time.

Flag happy people, that badge too. :roll_eyes:

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@Gimkit101 can I get a showcase link of your game??? or is that not allowed ??

OK, @Foxy.

that is not allowed, its advertising.

that’s the same as codes and
he wants it to be a surprise

ohh ok thanks foxy :smile:

I know right!
That’s so annoying!
Yeah, you probably shouldn’t do that.
Game codes/links aren’t allowed.


@Gimkit101 later can I log on though?
you kinda need to work faster to get it done by the date you want